Sevenoaks Rugby Club

After battling on the pitch for 80 minutes the Sevenoaks rugby team are keen to hit the showers and grab a cold beer after the game. That’s where IEC Services come into play making sure the changing facilities and social areas are always spick and span.

What we deem to be a relatively new customer compared to our usual customer retention rate of around 5 years, Sevenoaks rugby club has been using IEC Services on a weekly basis for the last 12 months to keep the facilities in shape.

Keeping the inside facilities clean is one thing but keeping up appearances and having pride in your home ground is another. That’s why periodically you’ll find a member of the IEC Services team washing all windows and facias with our Reach & Wash system.

To see how we can help you keep your clubhouse sparkling clean please don’t hesitate to contact us

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